About Tim Kiefer

Experienced Leadership for Our Community

In April 2012, Tim Kiefer was first elected to the Dane County Board.  Tim is now running for re-election to a fifth two-year term, in the election to be held on April 7, 2020.

On the county board, Tim represents District 25, which includes all of the Village of Waunakee and part of the Town of Westport. 

During his first term in 2012, Tim and fellow county board member (now state representative) Dianne Hesselbein of Middleton co-authored a county board resolution opposing a four-lane Main Street in Waunakee and supporting a new traffic study for the North Mendota Parkway project.  That resolution was unanimously approved by the county board. Tim has continued to support the North Mendota Parkway and oppose a four-lane Main Street.

Tim has supported multiple initiatives to clean up Dane County’s lakes.  He has voted to purchase strategically located creekside and low-lying prairie land in order to reduce stormwater runoff and prevent flooding.  He has supported the county's innovative manure digester program, in which cow manure is converted into green energy and prevented from polluting our lakes.  Tim has supported removing invasive carp from Cherokee Marsh.  The bottom-feeding carp stir up sediment, which leads to excessive algae growth in the lakes.

A Lawyer,  a Former Dane County Prosecutor, and a Waunakee Homeowner

Serving on the county board is a part-time position.  Tim's full-time job is as a lawyer and a small business owner.  He practices law at Kiefer Law Office, LLC.  Tim has real-world experience running a business and balancing the books.  

Tim is a former Dane County assistant district attorney.  As a Dane County prosecutor, he tried more than 25 jury trials and won a Wisconsin Supreme Court case.  

As a former union member, Tim believes in the rights of workers.  He grew up in a union family. 

Tim is a Waunakee homeowner and a property tax payer.  He lives on Kearney Way in Waunakee. He is a member of St. John’s Parish and the Waunakee Chamber of Commerce. 

The Kiefer family has been in Wisconsin longer than Wisconsin has been a state.  Tim's ancestor Peter Kiefer arrived in Wisconsin from Germany in 1846, two years before the Wisconsin Territory became a state in 1848.  Tim himself grew up in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. He first moved to Dane County at age 17, when he started his undergraduate studies at UW-Madison in the fall of 1989. 

The son of a secretary and a telephone lineman, Tim was the first person in his family to go to college.  He earned his bachelor's degree from UW-Madison in 1993 and his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1998.  He has been a member of the Wisconsin State Bar since 1998. 

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